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Iraqi Ministry of Electricity awarded a contract to the consortium of SNC Lavalin – IFC in 2010 to construct Simple cycle (future CC) of two gas power plants in HiIla with Two frame 9E GE (250MW).

The Power plant is designed to operate on three types of fuels NG, LDO and HFO.

The scope of the contract covers the design, manufacture, delivery, off loading at site, erection, painting, setting to work, commissioning, start up and testing of the an open cycle gas turbine power station, where gas turbines, generators and their off base auxiliaries supplied by General Electric (GE) will be installed by the Contractor.

The station will be constructed on turnkey basis and shall include all equipment, work and services in order to render the power plants of Hila fully complete and functional for safe, reliable and commercial operation under all conditions and respects.

Contract effective date was on 06th October 2010; total duration for completion 18 months; and the expected date for commercial operation on April 2012.

The experience of consortium work has an impact on enhancing and upgrading the Iraqi Engineers in areas of planning, designing, and management of power.