Environment, Health, & Safety

Shamara Group has developed a comprehensive EHS plan, which is a technical reference document, and established implementation procedures that are intended towards the strict compliance with the EHS plan during all phases of the projects.

Shamara Group is keen on providing a safe working environment to all its employees, to look after their health, and ensure their safety. The Group is also very attentive to its social responsibility towards the natural environment, as well as the health, safety and wellbeing of local communities, which may be affected by its activities. The overall objective of the EHS plan is to warranty the safety of individuals on the work-site, and minimize any adverse impacts to the surrounding environment. The Group’s EHS plan contains the performance levels and measures, and site-specific targets are set for each project. The plan observes best international practices, and adheres to local laws and regulations, and clients’ specific requirements.

The EHS department’s key responsibilities include the appraisal and evaluation of all activities and recommending alternative measures when necessary. Project management is responsible for regular reporting and general adherence to the EHS plan on daily basis. Training at all levels and on various topics is a key component of the plan.