About Us

The Shamara Holding Group has business segments (activities) operated through various independent companies as shown below:


International Free Company (IFC)Established in 2004, is specialized in Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services for electricity power plant. IFC operations include Turnkey projects, IPP, BOO, and BOT. IFC core business is an EPC Contractor for gas power plants in Iraq, both under joint venture agreements with international engineering firms, and independently. These projects are the Baghdad South, Najaf, Hilla, and Karbala Gas Power Plants (with 250-400MW each).
Ard Al-Usood CompanyThe real estate and development investment company was established in 2004, and is active in developing residential complexes, hotels, shopping buildings, malls, and factories.
AL Tanmiya CompanyAl Tanmiya for Steel Industries is a Jordanian offshore holding company that fully owns the Al Anmaa Co. for Constructional Material Production. Al Anmaa operates a steel plant in KhorAl-Zubair, Basra governorate, in the south of Iraq.
A steel manufacturing company "Al Anmaa", established in 2005 in Basra, and has built its factory in Khour Al-Zbeer, with an annual production capacity of 500,000 tons annually. The factory is designed to utilize steel scrape, which will be melted and formed.
AEPL-OASIS LimitedEstablished in 2009. The major activates in Electrical and Mechanical; Operation and maintenance of power plants.
Ramz Al Hadara CompanyThe electromechanical construction company was established in 2004, and its core business is the rehabilitation and erection of power plants, transmission substations, water treatment plants, and fuel treatment system.
Shamara Investment LTD.The real estate and development investment company. Established in 2008;
Signing of the contract to contract “Shams Rotana Hotel “ ,“Baghdad Paradise Residential Complex” and Rumaila Power Plant IPP.
Uno-Gaz Co.Established in 2013. Gas Industry Services; Signing of a contract for the distribution of gas to “ Basmaia Residential Project – 100,000 Housing Units - Baghdad”.
Hancock Overseas Company (HOC)Established in 1976 with major activates in general trading and investments. HOC has executed several infrastructure and industrial projects.
Hydro-Carbon CompanyEstablished in 2008 in order to pursue and execute projects in the oil and gas sectors. Major achievement includes the two contract signed with State Company for Oil and Gas at Basra and Dora refineries.
IFFCO - SHAMARA LIMITED (ISL)A joint venture between IFFCO Group of Companies and Shamara Holding Group, requires to acquire to build and operate as below:
Location : The land is inside Basra Commercial Port (Basra City)
Land Area : 240,000 sq.m.
Tenure : Leasehold for 99 years, expiring on 2112.
Description : Industrial land with office building, main plant building, boiler and pump house, storage tanks and silos, Effluent treatment Plant, etc (in Phase I).
Plant and Machinery : For the processing and packing of edible oil and fat product which includes Winter isolation and Neutralization, Refining, Hydrogenation, Fractionation of edible oils, blowing of HDPE and PET resins.
Dar Al Mayar Co.Established in 2014. Active in Power transmission and distribution.