Activities - Storage and Tank Farms


The Group Services are available for all facets of Aboveground and underground Storage Tank.The Group Experienced personnel over see each phase of project; from the approval of design, fabrication, construction and testing of storage tanks. Welders are qualified to ASME IX standards with inspection and examination qualified to ASME V standards.

Complete flexibility is available to conform to multiple additional standards or custom procedures.

Engineering and services covers the following:

- Tank Farm Layout and Tanks Design
- Design Vapor Control systems
- Fire Fighting Systems
- Tank Management Database
- Overall Tank Maintenance & Repair Program
- Primary & Secondary Seal Systems
- Floating Roof and Drain Systems
- Fabrication and construction of Tank Farms
- Tank Foundations

The Storage and Tanks Farms services are provided to many Power Plants and Industries such as, South Baghdad, AlNajaf, Daura Refinery, AlMuthana Cement Factory, Basrah Steel Factory, Hila and Karbal.