Activities - Piping


Piping Service covers the mechanical design, engineering, fabrication, installation, testing, and protection of Water and fuel piping fossil including instrumentation for sensing and flow control.

Shamara Group has performed major piping installations in the Fuel, waste and water supply and treatments plant in various manufacturing industries including the pipelines from the sources of fuel or pumping stations to the power plants and industries. Our qualifications and experience have allowed us to install various types of piping systems under the most stringent quality control guidelines. The piping services are provided to many Power Plants and Industries such as:

Baghdad South, Najaf, Daura Refinery, AlMuthana Cement Factory, Basrah Steel Factory, Hila and Karbala Power Plants.

The design documents for the General Locations and Arrangements includes Drawings (plans, schematics, and diagrams), piping layout and other design considerations.

Complementing the full range of welding capabilities is a complete range of nondestructive examination capabilities. Weld examinations can include visual, liquid penetrate, vacuum box, magnetic particle and radiographic to provide high quality appurtenances without concern of possible rework.

Quality, schedule and safety are our primary concerns at Shamara Group, the skilled manpower and equipment are located to effectively handle piping and mechanical installation.