Activities - Oil and Gas


Oil and Gas, Iraq oil and gas industry occupies a dominant position in Iraq’s economy, and the industry is attracting more investments directed to all areas of this industry with the aim to improve and increase Iraq’s oil and gas production, and the development of related industries.

The Group has made a strategic decision to direct its activities towards this industry, offering its services covering civil, mechanical, electrical engineering and instrumentation disciplines, and utilizing its experienced manpower.

Currently, two main projects are under development in this field:

- Isomerization Project, Penex-DIH Unit , The object of this project is to increase the Octane number of light Naphtha produced by South Refinery in Basrah to improve the quality of gasoline.

- Daura Refineries project, Baghdad- Iraq, The goal of this project is to maximize the production of gasoline (petrol) that is used in automobiles.