Transportation and Insurances



The transportation of equipments and materials shall be planned and implemented based on the following milestones:

1. Preliminary shipping schedule; two months before shipment.

2. Updated shipping schedule; one month before shipment.

3. Joint inspection in factory; fifteen days before shipment.

4. Cargo move to port and wait for loading; a dedicated person will be appointed.

5. Supervision of loading; 24 hours supervision will be necessary during loading period.

6. Documentation; the transportation documents covers Original Invoice, Original Packing List, Certificate of Origin and Insurance Policy.

7. Receipt at site.


The company will take out and maintain in effect, or cause to be taken out and maintained in effect, during the performance of the contract, the insurances set forth below:

1. Marine Cargo Insurance

2. Installation All Risks Insurance

3. Third Party Liability Insurance

4. Automobile Liability Insurance