Baghdad Paradise Residential Project

The “Baghdad Paradise” model residential development lies in a strategic location in the heart of Baghdad, Iraq’s economic, cultural and political capital. The complex, calling for building 20,000 housing units, is distinguished by the use of the latest modern technologies and smart solutions, destined to establish a unique, sustainable and eco friendly residential community in Baghdad. Plot area of the project is 962,000 m² area, the “Baghdad Paradise” development will mirror Baghdad’s civilization and represent a lively and prosperous future that will reverberate and be followed by all Iraqis, providing a functional example of how to build a united country on sound pillars and a harmonious integrated community, bringing all types of Iraqi citizen to live peacefully together. The “Baghdad Paradise” project will provide job opportunities for some 20,000 unemployed, and accommodation for some 100,000 more spread on 20,000 units, thus supporting Baghdad’s and Iraq’s economies alike.

The development shall enjoy extensive green spaces, swimming pools and entertainment facilities, allowing its inhabitants to enjoy a comfortable “Green”, pollution free environment. It will be equipped with the latest smart technologies such as fiber optic telecommunications cables, renewable solar power contributing to reducing power costs, a residential gas and potable water piping networks, in addition to sewerage and rain water collection and treatment facilities, to be used to irrigate the project’s parks and in firefighting.